Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

Just wanted to wish a Happy Spring to everyone from the Jones family! We just enoyed a wonderful vacation in Florida with my side of the family , so Libby was kept entertained by her nine cousins. It was so much fun to have everyone together! Todd and I have been busy with work and Libby has been with preschool. We only have about a month left of preschool but Libby is already anxious about next year's preschool. I am definately ready for summer vacation even though we still have a few more weeks left.

On the Ella Paige front, still not much to report. The wait is just killing us. We have been logged into the CCAA for almost 16 months now and the end is not even in site. CCAA just finished matching up to 1/9/06 LID and we are a 12/30/06. So we are almost a year behind where they are right now. We keep waiting for a speed up but not sure if we'll get one or not. Todd and I still feel as though Ella is through the regular China program although we are starting to pray about looking for a waiting child. We'll see what happens though. Please keep us in you prayers that if Ella is on a waiting child's list that we will know which one is her.

On the exciting front, our dear friend, Kathy D'Angelo, just got her referral for an adorable 6 month old baby girl waiting in Jiangxi province in China! Kathy is a single mom and has waited 27 months for her referral! Ellie Joy LuMing is a cutie and we can't wait to meet her and have her join the Savannah China aodption community.

Here are a few pictures of Libby I've been meaning to post. Enjoy!

~Todd, Kellie & Libby

Our princess

Libby not feeling so well and hanging out with Mom

Chatting to Aunt Kathy on the phone about her referral!!!

Somebody play with me!!!

I love riding turtles!!!

"Look Mommy, I'm a fish!!!"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Libby Sofia LiHua!!!!!!!!!

We celebrated Libby Sofia LiHua's 3rd Birthday on February 1st!!!! It's SO hard to believe that she is 3 years old already! She is the light and joy of our lives and we can't imagine life without our little one. Libby was born on February 1, 2005, in the city of Guiping in the province of Guangxi in the People's Republic of China. She was matched with our family on October 4, 2005, and we met her on Sunday, December 11, 2005. Our lives have never been the same.

Now over 2 years later, we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Libby's "mei mei", Ella Paige. Unfortinately the wait in China has dramatically increased since our LID of December 30, 2006. We have been logged in for over 13 months but unforinately we have at least another year of waiting before we see Ella's picture. The only positive is that we will most likely bring Libby along to meet her "mei mei" since she will be old enough by then!

Happy 3rd Bithday Libby!!!! Momm and Daddy love you VERY much!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy 2 year "Gotcha Day" Libby!!!

Today we will celebrate Libby Sofia LiHua's 2nd "Gotcha Day." Hard to belive that we have only been a family for 2 years. On December 11, 2005, we met a tiny 10 month old little girl in Guiping, Guangxi province, who was waiting for her mommy and daddy. Today, on December 11, 2007, that little girl is now a very talkitive and happy almost 3 year old.

Happy 2 year "Gotcha Day" Libby Sofia LiHua Jones! Mommy and Daddy love you so VERY much!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Way too long!

You never think that life can change so much as it has in the last almost 2 years as it has since Libby has entered our lives. We will be celebrating our 2nd "gotcha day" in just a few short weeks and we can't remember what our life was like before her. She is just such an important part o four life and we love her so much.
Now for an update! Wow, April.... that was........ 7 months ago. I haven't been too good at this thing! We had a wonderful summer and Libby is growing like a weed! She will be celebrating her 3rd (!) birthday in less than 3 months. She is turning into a little girl. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Todd and my family at our house. We are anxiously awaiting Christmas and this year is so much fun because Libby LOVE Santa Clause! Libby and Mommy went to visit Santa the day after Thanksgiving and she gave him a whole list of what she wanted!
On the "mei mei" topic, there is not much to report. The wait for China has gotten VERY long and we are still at LEAST another year away from meeting Ella Paige if not more. Very discouraging but Libby is keeping us busy. Right now the last LID matched was 12/8/05 and we aren't a LID until 12/30/06, so that's at least a year away, more like 2. We are trying to stay positive and still feel that Ella is in China. We have thought about switching countries but feel that we are in it for the long wait.
Here are some pictures of Libby:
Playing w/ Mommy's cell phone.... she loved it unfortinately

"shopping" at the Children's museum before Halloween

Her new ballet tutu!

Libby was a duck for Halloween, a very cute one at that!

She still loves her ice cream!

Libby and Mommy

"I love the monkey!"

Monday, April 02, 2007

No news....

We were hoping for some referrals to come in this week, but none so far. Anxious to see how far the next batch goes!!! We still have quite a ways to go. We are looking forward to some time off of work next week for Easter so that we can spend some time with Libby. Will post pictures later.

~Todd, Kellie & Libby

Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Spring!

Happy spring from the Jones family! We are having some beautiful weather here in Savannah! Libby and I went up to NY to visit my family and so Libby had a chance to play in the snow. Here are some pictures.

I'm very excited to be starting working with CHI as Outreach coordinator for Savannah! It is definately helping with the wait for Ella. It is a part time job and so I do all my my work from home in my OFFICE! I sent Libby over to some friends house for a few hours twice a week so that I can get some work done. So far I love my job! I call families from the Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina area who are interested in adoption. I have made some great friends! I also hold adoption seminars and informational meetings. I'm hoping to start some adoption parenting classes this summer. I had to go to St.Louis for 3 days in January for training but now I think that I have everything under control. I'm very excited about it.

No news on the Ella Paige front. We have been logged in for almost 3 months, which if this was back when we adopted Libby we would be almost halfway done with the wait. However, unfortinately the wait is up to almost 17 months, so we have at least another year left unless China speeds up their referral process very soon. It is hard for us but we are enjoying our time with just Libby. She most likely will not travel to China with us next summer (when hopefully we'll be traveling) as she will be over 3 years old by then.

That's it. Hope everyone is having a nice spring! We are very excited about Easter break coming up!

~Todd, Kellie & Libby

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our Birthday Girl!!!

Well here are finally some pictures from Libby's 2nd Birthday! We are so blessed to have this little girl in our life. Enjoy the pictures!
~Kellie, Todd & Libby
Libby's party at the climb & slide - 2/3/07

"It's my BIRTHDAY!" - 2/1/07

Opening presents - 2/4/07

"I love this cake!" - 2/4/07

playing in the snow! - 2/5/07

Libby mesmorized my Sesame Street Live! (her birthday present from Todd and I) - 1/27/07

Running in the snow - 2/4/07

Our Birthday Girl! - 2/1/07

Mommy & Libby at Sesame Street - 1/27/07